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The 20th China International Exhibition on Housing Industry

The 20th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization
Date: June19--Junel 21,2023   venue: China International Exhibition Center (Beijing)
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Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, P. R. China
The Center for Technology and industrialization development, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
China Real Estate Association
China Architectural Culture Center
Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Executive organizer:
Beijing Zhongjianwenbo Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Architectural Society of China
China Civil Engineering Society
China Property Management Institute
China Construction Metal Structure Association
China Building Decoration Association
China Construction Industry Association
China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization
China Exploration and Design Association
China Construction Daily

 In order to promote the urban construction, enhance the housing industrialization, demonstrate the National Housing Industrialization Bases achievements, The 20th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization (China Housing Expo)will be held at China International Exhibition Center on June 19-21,2023, which is organized by the Center for Technology and industrialization development of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, P. R. China, China Real Estate Association, China Architectural Culture Center and Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
Known for its international, technological and professional features, 2023 China Housing Expo will introduce the latest housing system, showcase integrated technology of green house and facilitate the development of whole industry. Meanwhile, “2023China’s home of tomorrow” theme show will launched continuously based on the success of past five sessions, and activities concerning achievements of the national  housing industrialization bases, indemnificatory apartment building material and purchasing information platform construction will be organized.
During the expo, there will be a variety of conference and forum related to real estate develop, urban construction, low carbon, green energy, building design, wooden structure, solar energy and  heating, including “2023 China Real Estate and Housing Industry Summit”, National Housing Industrialization SymposiumSeminar of National Housing Industrialization Bases achievements and more than 20 other technical exchanges.
 We sincerely invited you and through you to invite all the related in this industry (manufacturer\association \institute)attending our event and forum. Details about the exhibition see attachment.
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  1. Exhibition

Home of tomorrow is dedicated to build a new model of house which constructed with low carbon and based on the principal of recycling economy. This year’s home of tomorrow is focus on introducing the advanced tech / products and structure to the public. Meanwhile it also provides the opportunity to the eco-designer to show their latest ideas and concept.   

28 national housing industrialization bases including some cities and companies in the field will showcase the exploration of modern development of housing industry as well as some achievements

In order to implement the green building plane of action issued by the state council , we introduce green, safety and endurance building products into the national green building material and products show

Mainly show the new tech and creation of housing industry of USA, Japan, Canada, France, German and South Korea, Building plane, projects consultation.

1. Integrated houses; Steel structure; Structural System & Components (wooden structure, light steel, steel structure)
2. Exterior Finish & Trim (walls, roofing, door & window, finishing & coating, heating insulation, waterproofing, exterior wall finishing)
3. Door and window, hardware
4. Renewable Energy (inverters & solar electric components)
5. Building electronics and intelligent building.
6. integrated kitchen and sanitation & waste disposal   
7. House ornament & tech 
8. Heating ventilation and air conditioning
9. Floor radiation heating technology
10. Recycling tech utilization (waste disposal, wooden plastic material etc)
2. Conference and Activities:

  1. 2023Forum of China Real Estate and Housing Industry trend 
  2. Seminar of National Housing Industrialization Bases achievements
  3. 2023“GuangXia Award”
  4. 2023 China real estate green energy & energy efficiency exchange and 1+1 match up
  5. 2023 the 12th China house new trend exchange .
  6. The 11th China real estate enterprise’s social responsibility forum, release of 2023 china responsible developer top 100
  7. 2023 china national housing industrialization work conference
  8. The 9nd  Sino-Germany passive, energy efficiency house symposium
  9. Steel structure house design and construction exchange
  10. The first national indemnificatory apartments exchange of experience
  11. China building industrialization development forum
  12. 2023 China international building energy-efficiency forum
  13. The 9nd solar energy building system integration creation conference
  14. Home electronics and service integrated solution for developer
  15. Real estate develop and Taiwan industry cooperation exchange
  16. China home of tomorrow integrated system tech forum
  17. China old age residential projects exchange
  18. Seminar of China contemporary wooden structure building tech and industry confederation
  19. 2023building design creation
  20. China international low carbon integrated building tech
  21. 2023 china sustainable residence and housing industrialization tech forum
  22. Residential drinking water safety and housing water system plan exchange
  23. Housing and urban-rural construction science and technology demo projects tech exchange
  24. 2023forum of national building exterior insulation and water proof tech application in green building
  25. 2023national heating measure products and tech & engineering application

Soufan.net will make a live show named DAHUA Real Estate at the exhibition hall which will invited specialist and researchers to make some dialogue on building energy efficiency and eco- house
3. Exhibition fee
Standard booth: 3m×4m
International area         USD 380/m2    
Raw space: (minimum 54 m2 )
International area         USD 350 /m2  
Please send back the “Application Form” upon its completion; remit the participation fee via the following bank account. The exhibitor’s booth will be booked during the process of the application.
After the application is accepted, the committee will reserve the booth for the applier according to chronicle order of the payment received.
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        The 20th China International Exhibition on Housing Industry
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