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Expo Build China 2024

Expo Build China 2024

The 32th China International Building& Decoration Exposition

                                                            Date:  March 26--March29,2024
                                             Venue: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center





The Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of housing and urban-rural development\



China Architectural Culture Center



Review of 2023

With a history of more than 30years, ExpoBuild China attracted many famous building material manufacturers and brandfrom China and abroad. It also provide more choice for developer, hotel proprietor,architecture and interior decoration designer, villa decorator, in-exporter andhigh end agent. This made an excellent procurement chain for the whole industry.

In 2023, therewere 482 companies come to our exposition, including 123 foreign companies comingfrom 25 counties, and 31,037 visitors coming from 81 countries.


 enlightenedDownload: Expo Build China 2023.doc(Click here to download the invitation)


New concept-----HDD(Holelex+Design&Deco)

In order to integratedbrand, share various resource; we issue a new concept HDD, which closelyconnected building material, hotel, ceramics and sanitary, lighting, cleaningand design. By integrated this 6 complex field with living space and decorationchain, we established a platform for 2,200 companies to demonstrate variousfashion design and decoration showpiece, a one-stop service for 10,000 buyersfrom all over the world.



Exhibits category

² Energy-saving and heat insulated doors,windows, walls, curtain walls, Roofs,

² New types of heating, air-con systems;utilization of terrestrial heat and solar energy

² Construction steel structure-design,steelworks, installation, Construction steel, stainless steel, aluminumproducts and processing technology and equipment, Paints, coatings, additives, sealants,

² marble, ceramic, synthetic\ plastic\ steel\aluminummade doors, windows, flooring, ceilings, roofs, walls, gates, Furniture,sanitary ware, lighting, hardware.

² urban design & area planningurban engineeringurbansystem planningcommunication planningurban develop strategyhousingdesignenvironmental landscape plan / construction/ maintenance / management / land resource protection3D & demo


Fee(CNY) (USD)

A. Building material hall

Standard package RMB1200yuan/sqm (minimum 12sqm,)

Raw space RMB1100yuan/sqm (minimum 48sqm)

B. International showpiece hall

Standard package RMB1500yuan/sqm (minimum 12sqm)

Raw space RMB1300yuan/sqm(minimum 48sqm)


A.Standard package USD$300/sqm(minimum12sqm) 3mx4m

B. rawspace USD$250/sqm(minimum 48sqm)


Remark: Service for A and B including:visitor invitation, free introduction in the catalogue, exhibition hallcleaning and security.

Standard package booth provides with one desk,two chairs, a company logo and a power supply.

Raw space does not provide any exhibitingfacilities of raw space are responsible for management fees and power supplyfees.

Advertisement in the catalogue:

Inside frontcover RMB 12,000 inside back cover RMB 12,000

Back cover RMB 15,000 inside page RMB 10,000

Back advertisementof ticket: RMB 6,000yuan/20,000 piece (minimum 20,000 pieces).

Remarks: deadlinefor advertisement is February 9th, 2024



Application form

Expo Build China 2024(Shanghai)



Company: department:                                                         

Address: contactor:                                                              

Tel: zipcode:                                                                         

fax: e-mail:                                                                            

Standardpackage ( raw space)                                             

No. Expense                                                                       


Ad: Expense                                                                        




Payment account

Beneficiary: China Architectural Culture Center

Bank:Baiwanzhuang Branch, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China , Beijing

Account number: 0200001409014492593

One week after signthe application, the exhibitor need to remit the exhibition fee to the beneficiary‘saccount. Otherwise the organizer preserves the right to assign the booth.



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